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Join @utahwildlifewalls and @theneighborhoodhive on September 30, 2023 - 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM for the Second Annual Bonnie Ball Street Festival! This all-ages grassroots community event celebrating local fish and wildlife is where @utahwildlifewalls 

started last year. Come out and help us celebrate the three murals and statewide wildlife contest we’ve produced since then!
This year, the event includes a morning cleanup in millcreek canyon (more details soon) as well as the SLC opening of the #celebrateutahwildlife traveling exhibit. We’ve also got live music outside, djKA, food trucks, culinary artisans & vendors, trout tattoos, giant fly tying for kids, fly thing demos, fly casting fun, face painting, trout cutout painting, temp henna tattoos featuring stoneflies and grasshoppers. Ken Sanders will be on hand to read wildlife stories to the little ones!

We’ve also got @nan_seymour,   @brookusi,   @theepocha  and @chrispetersonstudio teaching some workshops on site (see qr code for details). And of course our live #bonnevillecutthroattrout will be on hand greeting visitors, with some special guests including an education raptor from @hawkwatch and a live #rattlesnake from @rattlesnakealert .
Join us for this one of a kind grassroots event celebrating Utah's wildlife and building community that includes them.


Here are some of the workshops you can sign up for. These will go fast so don't hesitate.

Wildlife Writing Workshops with Brooke Williams: Limited Space!

All ages: $10 

(Please bring your own writing tools or we’ll have some available.)

Writing workshop A  11:15-12:00

Writing workshop B   1:30-2:15


Here in Utah we are fortunate to occasionally encounter wild animals. However that is in the outer, everyday world. In the inner world, the world of dreams and imagination, wild animals may be in constant contact with us. In this workshop each of us will attempt to contact our specific animal helper who has a gift for us. 



Trout Portrait Painting Workshops by Chris Peterson: Limited Space!

All ages: $20/each includes small 10x10”  canvas and mixed media (acrylic and aerosol)


Trout Portrait workshop Session A  11:15-12:00

Trout Portrait workshop Session B 2:00-2:45


Join local trout artist for a live model trout portrait painting session. This workshop will be located inside the Neighborhood Hive, drawing inspiration directly from the juvenile Bonnie cutthroats that have lived at the Hive since last Bonnie Ball. Chris will share some of his favorite techniques and processes for creating one-of-a-kind animal portraits. Realism is optional (better suited to photography really), but please bring your imaginations. 


Trout Linotype Printmaking workshop with Sol Gonzalas: Limited Space!

$15 (includes supplies and tools to create custom Linotype stamp to take home.

Linotype Printmaking workshop A 12:30-1:15

Linotype Printmaking workshop B  2:30-3:15


Join Sol Gonzalas for a printmaking workshop using Linotype process. Workshop participants will learn about a few easy printmaking options and the process for Linotype, culminating in the creation of a custom Linotype custom stamp.


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