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City of Heber, Wasatch County

In celebration of the

Brown Trout

November, 2023

In partnership with Heber City and the Heber Community Alliance for Main Street, Utah Wildlife Walls installed a 70-foot brown trout mural on Main Street in Heber. Installed on the side of the Mountain View Laundromat, the mural brings color and local wildlife to a wall that was blighted and an eyesore.  While we recognize that Brown Trout are non-native and natural predators of native cutthroat trout, we felt it is important to recognize their presence in our rivers and streams, and as a way to talk about the complicated relationship wildlife managers have to the species. Not withstanding their impacts to native fish, they provide nearly unmatched opportunities for fishing across the state. 

About the Species

Brown trout are not native to Utah; introduced with other non-native species in the 1800's. Brown trout are a cold-water species found across the United States, but thrive in slightly warmer water than native cutthroat trout species. These trout are a natural predator for cutthroat trout, and part of the habitat conservation work happening on behalf of native fish includes management of brown trout populations. Find out more....

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