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The Utah Wildlife Federation represents the return of a very special organization to Utah.

Our goal is to bring the many diverse voices of this unique state together to fashion a collaborative spirit in securing the future of wildlife and outdoor recreation, while providing the best practices to steward our natural resources for future generations.

We provide a moderate, independent, nonpartisan, genuinely Utah voice for the hunter, angler, and outdoor enthusiast.

Our approach is to listen with respect…provide factual, non-adversarial information…and foster a collaborative spirit built upon community-driven conservation.

We take pride in partnering with all sorts of groups to create a convening opportunity. The spirit of coming together is central to our mission.

As we move forward, our membership and Board will reflect these values. We will be authentic, transparent, and demographically and geographically diverse.

We respect the broad range of existing organizations that have identified concerns with wildlife and habitat—as well as public land management and economic development—in our nation.

We are convinced the Utah Wildlife Federation offers a fresh opportunity. A “big tent” to bring different views together to identify common interests and build partnerships.

Join us in this new and exciting opportunity. Whether you are a wilderness outfitter, or an infrequent visitor to the public lands of Utah, there is a place for you in the Utah Wildlife Federation.

Join our mailing list, or offer a question about our work with the Utah Wildlife Federation, by contacting us here.


Photo  courtesy of Utah DWR


Photo courtesy of Utah DWR


Photo courtesy of Utah DWR


Photo courtesy of Utah DWR


Wildlife Education & Public Engagement


Celebrate Utah Wildlife Project
& Utah Wildlife Walls

Wildlife Connectivity

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Utah Wildlife
Migration Working Group


Utah Wildlife Walls and the

Celebrate Utah Wildlife Project

are programs of the

The Utah Wildlife Federation is a 501c3 affiliated with the National Wildlife Federation. UWF works to conserve wildlife and its habitats; protect public access to outdoor recreation, hunting, and angling; and promote education, and conservation opportunities on American public lands and waters, now and for future generations. 

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