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Local Wildlife Celebrations: Statewide 

In conjunction with the installation of each wildlife mural, we're seeking local partners in each county to host community events aimed at bringing a diverse group of Utahns together to celebrate and learn about our wildlife.  Based on community input, these community "celebrations" will be customized to each county's unique community makeup, habitats and wildlife resources.

Our pilot project demonstrated the potential for mural events to create interest and opportunities for multiple modes of engagement across demographics. We’ve been working to expand the outreach and education opportunities available with each mural by establishing partnerships with local government, museum, nonprofit, business and educational partners. We are currently recruiting teachers, scientists, artists, photographers, and community builders across the state for participation in local events.

Programming and Activity Options for 2023 Events

  • Wildlife & outdoor-oriented local vendors/businesses (including artists, photographers, outfitters, etc.)

  • Live animal encounters (education raptors, reptiles, etc.)

  • Live local music

  • Public program and storytelling event

  • Kids artmaking opportunities

  • STEM-oriented wildlife learning activites

  • Kids and adult writing workshops

  • Accompanying BioBlitz & citizen scientist training adventures

  • Free wildlife viewing excursions

  • ”Leave No Trace” ethics and outdoor education

  • The arts and craft of fishing and hunting (fly tying, decoy makers, fishing rod-building, taxidermy, etc.

  • Local wildlife scientists

  • Harvey the Wildlife Storybus: gathering oral histories and stories and producing a podcast in each county

  • Traveling exhibit featuring all-ages wildlife art, photography, writing, etc. from across the state


Photo courtesy of Chris Peterson

Photo courtesy of Chris Peterson


Photo courtesy of Utah DWR

Broad-tailed hummingbird perched by Scott Root.jpg

Photo by Scott Root courtesy of Utah DWR


Photo by Larry Dalton courtesy of Utah DWR

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