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Get Started With This Toolkit

In  Utah, wildlife is all around us. Whether you live in an urban, suburban or rural part of the state, animals and nature are all around us. That is one of the reasons we love this state! Help us celebrate local species across the state by sharing your experiences with Utah's wildlife. If you don't already have something to enter already, there's dozens of ways to go about making something to enter.

Create art, write a poem or a song. Send your best photograph. Tell us your best wildlife story and your memories about the encounter. Record the sounds of animal calls. Edit together audio and video clips to tell us about the wildlife sightings of your last adventure. With 7 different media categories, there are many options to share your Utah wildlife-inspired experiences. See below for tips and ideas to get started.

For educators, parents, and students...

Our goal is to experience Utah's wildlife through your eyes; share the details of your local wildlife observations, favorite animal encounter memories, and your thoughts on what wildlife means to you and all Utahns. We want to encourage safe wildlife encounters and appreciation for those kinds of experiences.


Contest submissions will be scored on four criteria:

  • Utah wildlife-inspired

  • Originality

  • Artistic merit/craftsmanship (in relation to contestant age)

  • Artist Statement


Remember to put some thought into your artist statement; the meaning behind your work and how it is inspired by wildlife is an important element we don't want contestants to forget. 


Ideas to Get Started

Ideas and Prompts for creating an entry to submit to the contest

Record your Utah wildlife story

Do you have a great Utah wildlife memory or story? We'd love to hear it? How about grandpa or grandma? Do they have a good story. Click below for instructions to self-record a story to you phone and upload to the contest.

Wildlife & Utah's
Core Curriculum

Learn about Utah wildlife and reinforce core curriculum. 

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